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We don’t just do things differently, we do them better – 5 Forces of Global Change: The PHiMSR Difference

Welcome to the intense, tranformative and challenging year of your life.

There are many post graduate programs out there. PHiMSR stands apart from traditional business schools because of its differences. Five interlinked elements give you not just the business fundamentals that you would expect from an post graduate program but also the leadership capabilities required to turn concepts into decisions, knowledge into action and ideas into change.

This program opens your mind to how the business world really works and prepares you to tackle challenges head-on.

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  • A revolution is taking place in the world because of globalizing economy, advent of information technology and aggressive competition. Knowledge and understanding imparted through management education and training should be able to create competitive managers for the international market.
  • In an emerging global digital environment the millennium managers should acquire zero time capabilities, the ability to make changes with the speed of light and act swiftly upon them through practical training and application to face the challenges of a ‘borderless world’.


  • To develop professional managers with respect for the environment and responsible leadership in quest of excellence global perspective.
  • This objective is fulfilled through education, practical training and interaction in an Indian and with industry and social organisations.


  • To offer state-of-the-art education of global standards to students and professionals and train them to be competent, ethical and socially responsible citizens.
  • To provide congenial environment to faculty, staff and students for innovation and continuous improvement in all functional areas and processes keeping in view the environmental sustainability and societal welfare.
  • To continuously upgrade academic and physical infrastructure in terms of faculty, library, computing and communication facilities to stimulate learning.
  • To establish strong linkages with industry, academic and social institutions and corporate world.
  • To offer enabling environment for research, consultancy and management development programmes.
  • To think rigorously and encourages you to put your thinking into action.


Challenge yourself with research-based learning and real-world experience. Other programs ask you to sit back and be taught. At PHiMSR, you lean forward and actively learn. You will be among some of the most interesting and talented people you will encounter in your life.


Time, Money, Opportunity three very valuable resources. With that in mind, we asked for input from faculty, recruiters, students and alumni when we designed our curriculum. The result is an intense, integrated two-year program focused on the long-term career success of our students, not just a collection of courses. Our program format accelerates your capabilities at record speed. You start with a solid foundation of business knowledge, understanding how and when to apply your learning. You develop the ability to see the big picture – the hidden threats and the growing opportunities. Next, round out your experience and apply this learning to real-world projects and career-focused electives. It is a comprehensive, focused and transformational year. We are confident that you will look back on this year as one of your best. You’re ready;