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Author: Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai

The story of a true educator who battled all odds to educate, empower and enhance lives.

EduNation Book Launched by the stalwart Mr. Anupam Kher

EduNation Book Launch Dr. Vasudevan Pillai launches his iconic book, EduNation.

EduNation This sterling initiative of Dr.Pillai launched on 31st Jan. 2015!

EduNation "A youth-empowered India is an India capable of affecting the world."

Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai: The Author Speaks The realities of globalization are this: our children will no longer compete against children from other states but with children from all over the world...

EduNation The Key to bring about the revolutionizing change in the world is through this mighty weapon called Education!

EduNation Mr. Anupam Kher lends his support to the cause of education

EduNation Through his book EduNation, Dr. Vasudevan Pillai describes a fascinating journey of endless challenges faced by an ordinary Indian citizen with an extraordinary Intent!

K. M. Vasudevan Pillai The Author: EduNation

EduNation The Dream of an India Empowered

EduNationThe Dream of an India Empowered is an unprecedented piece of work. It not only exposes the glaring inadequacies of the Indian education system, but through a deep study of how things work in advanced countries and through examples of spirited entrepreneurship from the author’s own life provides an invaluable resource for all those interested in shaping a vibrant and progressive India. Policy-makers looking for change, entrepreneurs looking for management truths, institution-builders wanting to get their foundations right, educators intent on cent per cent results: the book provides a wealth of insights for all who wish to make a difference, who believe that an India empowered is an India poised to lead.

Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai is many things to many people, but at his best he is a pioneer, an entrepreneur and a social reformer who believes that education is the only means to large-scale transformation, the only language of change. A belief that saw him venture into areas of little or no development and start schools and colleges against all odds. His journery has been one of old ideas challenged and new concepts created and his initiatives have led to meaningful social and economic change. In a journey spanning over 4 decades, Dr. Pillai has created over 50 institutions and trained over 2000 teachers. EduNation is not just his single-minded dream for India’s youth, but a working reality that transforms all who come within its ambit.


Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai is the visionary-founder and CEO of Mahatma Education Society which runs 48 institutions in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Established in 1970, with a view to eradicate illiteracy and to provide equal opportunities to every child, the Mahatma Education Society has grown to be a multi-institution trust that provides quality education at all levels: from pre-primary to post-graduation.

The institutions run by Mahatma Education Society offer degree and diploma courses in Engineering, Architecture, Information Technology, Bio-Technology and Business Management besides, primary and higher secondary education. The three Dr. Pillai Global Academies are his latest contribution to educating children to meet the challenges of today’s globalised environment.

Dr. Pillai is a post-graduate and has doctorate in English Literature from the University of Mumbai. He also has degrees in Education and Law. He currently lectures on Leadership Studies to post-graduate students of the Pillai HOC Institute of Management Studies and Research.

He established the first non grants-in-aid colleges in teacher education (B.Ed. and D.Ed.) and also in Architecture. He pioneered the first private-public sector partnership in education with Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited to setup an educational township in Rasayani, Maharashtra.

Dr. Pillai is the Managing Director of Vidyadhan Educational Development Limited, a public limited company providing finance to educational institutions and to needy students for higher education. He is also Chairman of Erudite Education Mission, an NGO for fulfilling social objectives and social commitments.

In 2007, he was felicitated by the Vice-Chancellor of Mumbai University, Dr. Vijay Kohle for his contribution to ‘social and institutional engineering in education’.