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Guest Lecture on “Assessing Dubai’s Real Estate Landscape”

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On February 21st, Pillai HOC Institute of Management Studies & Research, hosted an insightful Guest Lecture titled “Assessing Dubai’s Real Estate Landscape,” featuring Mr. Sahil Pednekar, Investment Portfolio Manager at Revo Realty, Dubai. This engaging session provided our students with a unique opportunity to delve into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Dubai’s real estate market. Mr. Pednekar, drawing on his extensive experience and expertise, equipped our students with valuable insights into various facets of this lucrative industry. From exploring the latest market trends and deciphering their implications to sharing effective investment strategies, his presentation offered a comprehensive overview of the current landscape. This immersive experience went beyond mere theoretical knowledge, offering practical takeaways for students embarking on their careers in real estate management. The guest lecture by Mr. Pednekar proved to be a truly enriching experience for our students. The knowledge and insights gained will undoubtedly benefit them as they navigate their chosen career paths within the exciting and dynamic world of real estate management. In the presence of Dr. Ketan Vira, Prof Govind Shinde, Rashpal Saini, Deepa Manoj, Gaurav Deshmukh, Ganesh Shinde, and Aashish Kumar, the session was a successful one!