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Empowering Peers, Building Confidence:

PHIMSR Launches Innovative Buddy Mentoring Program In the dynamic world of academia, a supportive framework is essential for student success. PHIMSR recognizes the importance of peer support and has introduced a buddy mentoring initiative, where students can learn from and guide each other. Our buddy mentors, who excel in their subjects, offer guidance, support, and encouragement to their peers, creating a collaborative learning environment.

This program enables students to reinforce their understanding, clarify doubts, and approach exams with confidence. The beauty of this program lies in its mutual benefits. Mentees gain invaluable support, while our buddy mentors refine their knowledge, develop essential communication skills, and foster a sense of responsibility and leadership. This synergy creates a cohesive and supportive campus environment, empowering students to become confident learners and active contributors to their peers’ success.

At PHIMSR, we believe that learning is a collective journey, and our buddy mentoring program is designed to build a culture of collaboration, empathy, and academic excellence. We acknowledge and appreciate our buddy mentors Akshay Singh and Juilee Patil for their dedication, expertise, and passion for helping their peers succeed. By investing in our students’ growth, we aim to shape a generation of confident, supportive, and well-prepared individuals who will make a positive impact in the world.