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Leadership Series by Mr. D. M. Katre, President

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Mr. D. M. Katre, President
Reliance Industries Ltd.
Teaching General Management and Perspective Management at PHiMSR

When students graduate from PHiMSR, they face a world that expects them to demonstrate talent, knowledge and a capacity for effective leadership. Developing this capacity requires practice. Traditional leadership curriculum often fails to challenge students in a way that compels them to reflect on their own personal leadership capacities and to improve them. PHiMSR’S Initiative for Leadership Education and Development (I-LEAD) is designed to significantly increase the capacity of our students in a different way. Our approach involves rigorous application of personal experiential testing, analysis, and reflection that unfolds in multiple steps, including formal classes (both required and optional) and structured, on-going coaching opportunities.

Therefore, the “I” in I-LEAD doesn’t just stand for “initiative.” We expect students to actually lead in our programs, so that students can confidently claim “I lead” after completing the curriculum. Among other leadership programming, I-LEAD hosts the Execuve Challenge, the innovative Leadership Labs that form an important component of the students’ annual curriculum, and the highly selective and sought-after Management Development Program.

LEADERS have always faced the job of inspiring others while making important decisions with incomplete information. Today’s leaders are confronted with challenges and opportunities that have never been more dynamic or complex. Helping individuals effectively understand and manage these forces is a key responsibility of PHiMSR and its Leadership initiative.