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Session on “How to Use Social Media in Management”

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Mr. Ganesh Shinde and Mr. Ashish Kumar, industry experts in Management, delivered an enlightening session to our first year MMS students on the profound impact of leveraging Social Media in Management. Nowadays we know everything is attached to social media and it’s a very effective platform for everyone so a Session on “How to Use Social Media in Management” was conducted on 27th September, 2023. The session was a gateway to understand how to harness the power of social media tools, aligning with the current market trends and applying it to the real business world. Our eager learners were guided on using these tools strategically to secure a prominent position in the market, a vital skill for future managers. The session encompassed practical insights, offering a roadmap for students to excel in the dynamic business landscape. The potential of social media, our students are poised to become forward-thinking leaders who can navigate the digital era with finesse. This enlightening lecture was a stepping stone towards their future success, equipping them with the skills necessary to lead in the ever-evolving world of management. PHiMSR staff including Dr. Govind Shinde, Prof. Deepa Manoj and Adv. Gaurav Deshpande were also present for the session.