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Session on “Six Thinking Hats”

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Pillai HOC Institute of Management Studies and Research recently organized a transformative session in collaboration with the Institution Innovation Council, igniting the minds of our bright management students with the power of structured thinking. Titled “Six Thinking Hats,” the session unveiled a powerful technique designed to enhance the quality of decision-making and problem-solving processes.

Led by our esteemed director, Dr. Ketan Vira, the interactive session saw enthusiastic participation from our students, who eagerly embraced the opportunity to expand their cognitive horizons. Through engaging discussions and practical exercises, they delved into the intricacies of the six distinct thinking styles represented by the six colored hats. As students donned each metaphorical hat, they were guided through a systematic exploration of different perspectives, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative engagement.

Their active involvement and positive feedback underscored the session’s immense value in nurturing holistic and strategic thinking among future leaders. PHIMSR remains committed to providing enriching experiences that transcend traditional learning boundaries, equipping our students with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape. With initiatives like the “Six Thinking Hats” session, we continue to inspire excellence and innovation, shaping the managers of tomorrow.