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Session on “My Story by a Successful Entrepreneur”

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Pillai HOC Institute of Management Studies and Research (PHIMSR), Rasayani, recently hosted a captivating podcast session titled “My Story by a Successful Entrepreneur.” The session featured Dr. Snehal Sakpal, a distinguished leader in business development, sales management, and people management. With extensive experience in acquiring new partners, ideators, and brands in the industry, Dr. Sakpal excels in managing YouTube marketing campaigns at Tonic Media Digital Pvt Ltd. His specialties include the travel industry and online business, people management, brand building online, YouTube management, videography, and corporate profiling. The podcast was hosted by PHIMSR director Dr. Ketan Vira, and it explored the transformative potential of management studies in shaping students’ futures.

Highlights of the Event
The podcast session highlighted Dr. Snehal Sakpal’s journey and his insights into the business world. Engaging in a dynamic dialogue with Dr. Ketan Vira, Dr. Sakpal delved into the profound impact of management studies on professional and personal development. He discussed the importance of fostering professional acumen in business administration and entrepreneurship, as well as nurturing personal growth and building robust social networks. His compelling insights resonated deeply with the students, inspiring them to pursue growth and exploration in their careers.

Participants Details
The podcast session was attended by a diverse group of management students from PHIMSR. These students were eager to learn from Dr. Sakpal’s experiences and gain insights into the practical applications of management studies. The attendees included first-year and second-year students, all of whom were enthusiastic about the opportunities for professional and personal development presented during the session.

Event Proceedings
The podcast began with an introduction by Dr. Ketan Vira, who welcomed Dr. Snehal Sakpal and set the stage for the discussion. Dr. Sakpal then shared his journey, detailing his leadership-driven role in business development, sales management, and people management. He emphasized the importance of acquiring new partners and brands, managing YouTube marketing campaigns, and excelling in various specialties such as the travel industry, online business, and brand building.

Throughout the session, Dr. Sakpal highlighted the transformative potential of management studies in sculpting students’ destinies. He provided real-world examples of how the discipline fosters professional acumen, personal growth, and social networking. The interactive nature of the podcast allowed students to engage with Dr. Sakpal, asking questions and seeking advice on their own career paths.

Outcomes of the Event
The “My Story by a Successful Entrepreneur” podcast session was a tremendous success, yielding several key outcomes:

  • Inspiration and Motivation: Dr. Sakpal’s journey and insights inspired students to pursue their own paths in business and management. His success story motivated them to strive for excellence and explore new opportunities.
  • Practical Insights: Students gained valuable insights into the practical aspects of business development, sales management, and brand building. Dr. Sakpal’s real-world examples and experiences provided them with actionable knowledge.
  • Enhanced Understanding of Management Studies: The session underscored the importance of management studies in fostering professional and personal development. Students learned about the diverse career trajectories and skill sets that can be cultivated through this discipline.
  • Networking Opportunities: The podcast facilitated networking among students and with Dr. Sakpal, encouraging them to build connections that could support their future careers.

PHIMSR remains committed to providing enriching experiences that transcend traditional learning boundaries, equipping our students with the skills and mind-set needed to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape. The “My Story by a Successful Entrepreneur” podcast session is a testament to this commitment, inspiring excellence and innovation among our students and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.